Water Softener Salt

Water softener salt is used to improve water quality by removing the ions that make water hard.

Salt based water softening is the most common and most effective method of removing the minerals that harden the water.

The term hard water is used to describe water that contains high mineral content, usually in the form of calcium and magnesium.  High levels of calcium and magnesium make it more difficult to use the water to dissolve other solutes, such as soap.  High calcium levels can also cause lime scale build up that block piping and can coat heating elements. Water softening is used in commercial and residential applications where these problems are avoided. 

Water softener salt is designed to remove specific anions (positively charged ions) from the water.

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The water to be treated runs through a bed of ion exchange resin or through a chemical matrix called zeolite.  The ion-exchange resin replaces the undesirable ions with sodium ions that are electrostatically bound to the anionic functional groups of the resin.  Eventually, the resin or zeolite contain primarily calcium and magnesium ions and little sodium.  At this point the water softening ability is reduced and the resin or zeolite must be regenerated by the addition of sodium ions.

Regeneration involves soaking the resin or zeolite in a stream of sodium ions. Salt is used to make a strong brine solution that is flushed through the zeolite or resin). The sodium ions in the solution  displaces all of the calcium and magnesium that has built up. The remaining brine in solution along with the removed calcium and magnesium is flushed to drain.
Water Softener Salt is a coarse grade of salt that has high chemical and physical purity.   The large grain size allows excellent flow through the salt bed.

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